Survival Gear Credit Card Knife

After reading the various Web pages, forum posts, read many product reviews-Amazon and others-I think, that many people know of course, not all, but many, which is not this kit. Before the examination of the kit, I thought I had a few minutes to explore, what is this game and what you should not take. This kit is not a survival kit in the good sense of the word ' survival ' as survival of the modern movement and Bushcrafters SA. It is prudent to hidden in cases articles, is included and error, back to your pocket or handheld. It is not meant to serve as a basis for a small survival kit. He did not want salt, arrested, taken to jail or used as some will draw the maps without jail survival gear credit card knife time. Is not for Quidam-Yes, that I say this seriously!Now, what is this system. This kit was designed as a base (Preliminary Note-not completely included) from good p. e. e. kits are used. The term of s. e. r. e. is the military designation of survival, evasion, resistance and escape. Basically, this kit should some elements more civilian-ish can be required if he or she has, for example, in military operations or black and started, it was like an s. o. w. (Prisoner of war) and was forced to flee. However, there are other common uses military applications of this kit. Many photojournalists, world traveler, civil and religious missionaries involved in different eligible also humanitarian missions of this kit. But it is the little black box is not kept, comes the wort, is hidden in the body and clothes, diapers, if you wish. .